terça-feira, 16 de setembro de 2014

Sinking of immigrants: Italy and Malta launched search operation in the Mediterranean

Italy and Malta have launched a joint search operation in the Mediterranean â€" after two Palestinian survivors, rescued this Monday, have declared that a boat, with about 500 immigrants had sunk off the coast of Malta.

According to the account of the two Palestinians, the sinking was not accidental, as explains Simona Moscarelli, the International Organization for migration: "at some point, the smugglers told the immigrants to move into another boat. But the immigrants refused because it was safe and it was too small. Then began a fight and the smugglers decided to RAM, with their boat, the boat of immigrants causing the sinking. "

Also Monday, two boats with immigrants have capsized off the coast of Libya. 36 people-including three women-have been rescued by the Navy of Tripoli. According to sources, would be discordant aboard between 105 and 250 people.

On the second vessel, no, for more information.

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