terça-feira, 16 de setembro de 2014

Violence threatens the peace process in the East of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Army and the separatists pró-russos trading accusations about the breaking of the truce.

The head of the OSCE mission said: "it is very complicated and a task almost impossible to determine who is at the origin of the artillery hits. What we highlight in our reports is what direction they come from ".

According to a military spokesman, the separatists launched an offensive against the airport, which was repelled by the Ukrainian military.

The Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed independent territory, Alexander Zakharchenko explains: "the OSCE Mission decided to go on their own. Explained today that this is not Europe, where the war is going according to a calendar â€" ' here Let's Eat, go to sleep and then continue with the war '. We're in a civil war, where there are no rules, no time. Fight differently, not as Europeans ".

The truce has been violated daily, and residents of some localities near Donetsk denounce a fictitious situation.

In five months, the conflict in the East of Ukraine made over 2700 deaths, according to the UN.

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