terça-feira, 30 de setembro de 2014

Japan: rescue operations resumed at the Ontake vulção

With the dawn, the Japanese authorities were able to resume rescue operations near the volcano Ontake. The eruption Saturday did more than 30 deaths and dozens of injuries.

Near 1200 firefighters, military and police are involved in the recovery efforts of the inhabitants and tourists surprised by the eruption.

At least eight people are still reported missing, but authorities fear that this number will increase, since many hikers are not officially before launch in the exploration of the region.

The column of smoke released at Ontake only allowed so far to retrieve the bodies of the 4 fatalities. The rest continue along the ridge of the volcano.

Most died due to cardiac arrest related to respiratory problems, caused by intense ash cloud.

The authorities have recommended the use of masks to the people who are still in the vicinity of the volcano.

The last eruption of Ontake dates back to 1991, though of small size. A phenomenon of this size was not recorded since 1979.

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