terça-feira, 30 de setembro de 2014

Japan: vigilant Authorities about possible eruptions on other volcanoes

Rescue teams, military also began airlifting more than two dozen bodies, this Monday morning. There are still missing. The searches are being made the "dropper", due to the high concentration of sulphur dioxide in the air.

It is believed that more than 30 people have died as a result of this natural phenomenon, all unexpected, which occurred on Saturday:

"Didn't anticipate this eruption since, similar situation on Mount Ontake, didn't happen often and we didn't have enough scientific data," explains Toshitsugu Fujii, the Japanese Meteorological Agency.

When this volcano erupted, was given, in terms of risk, such as level 1, the lowest on the scale.

Mount Ontake, a destination of choice for those who like to climb, is located on the main Japanese island of Honshu.

Since 1979 that a similar eruption occurred here, at the time there were no casualties.

The seismic activity in the country is very high, Ontake is just one of the 110 active volcanoes, including the famous Mount Fuji.

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