sexta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2014

Japanese Executive takes office

After a crisis and a lot of criticism the Chief Executive redesigned Government. At the forefront of critics is the first lady, Akie Abe, Japanese makes, what some call "domestic opposition", whereas it is necessary to cut unnecessary spending and boost the economy instead of taking other measures, yet some people don't forget where she comes from:

"I don't think you understand that people are really suffering. Not her, even having children because her parents are political and will not understand the feeling of a normal family, with children and no money, "said Yuriko Nozaki.

"They insist on Abenomics this, Abenomics it, but I think it has not yet reached the common mortal. It is true that the lowest wages are rising but also taxes, "said Yuichi Takenouchie.

After a period of great popularity Shinzo Abe failed to "take the boat" and stability gave rise to a weak economic recovery in recent months.

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