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Scotland: the independence referendum divides famous

The latest opinion polls point to a technical draw. The opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of independence is to divide the population in General and the Scottish celebrities, in particular.

Let's see some of the famous in favor of the "Yes" campaign

Andy Murray

Huge day for Scotland today! no campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it. excited to see the outcome. lets do this!

A few hours before the opening of polling stations, the Scottish tennis player Andy Murray, said supporting the "Yes" in the referendum on the independence of Scotland.

"Today is a great day for Scotland. The negativity of the ' no ' campaign totally changed my vision. I can't wait to see the results. Let's do it! ", wrote on Twitter.

Sean Connery

The Scottish actor Sean Connery is an ardent advocate of Scottish independence. The man who wore the skin of James Bond did in March an appeal to "Yes." In an interview to a British newspaper said it was "a unique opportunity" and "a new hope" for the future.

Ken Loach

Ken Loach is another heavyweight to defend independence. The British Director is of the opinion that the victory of the "Yes" paves the way for a "fairer society" and adds that "other countries colonized already won independence."

Willie "the Simpsons"

This week "the Simpsons" also entered the election campaign. Willie â€" the continuous Bar frequented by school and by Lisa â€" appealed to independence in a video posted on YouTube.

Vivienne Westwood

The controversial British designer Vivienne Westwood has expressed support for the "Yes" during the London Fashion Week. But it was, above all, Westwood's statements that marked the difference. The stylist says support the independence of Scotland by "hate England."

Ewan McGregor

Is probably the best known Scottish actor after Sean Connery. Ewan McGregor says love Scotland and be proud of being Scottish, but considers that it would be "an error" end the marriage with the United Kingdom.

Alex Ferguson

Also, former Manchester United defends the permanence of Scotland in the United Kingdom. Alex Ferguson says that there are thousands of Scots living abroad as he. Prefers, so living in a British family than in a foreign country.

Stephen Hawking

The scientist Stephen Hawking has signed, together with other celebrities, an open letter to the Scots to appeal to the Union of a Kingdom with more than 300 years

J. K. Rowling

JK Rowling, the author and creator of the Harry Potter saga donated about 1.2 million euros to help finance the campaign against the independence of Scotland.

Susan Boyle

The Scottish singer Susan Boyle has made it known that will vote ' no ' to independence in the referendum this Thursday. Passionate about the country where he was born and the inherited culture, the singer says don't be nationalistic.

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