sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2014

Islamic State discloses video of kidnapped journalist in Syria that promises "truth about the group"

In the images, Cantlie, who seems in good health, acknowledges being a prisoner but says not being coerced and Announces "a series of programs" which will reveal about the insurgents who control parts of Iraq and Syria, facts that contradict the image given by the Western media.

The video comes after the Islamic State have beheaded two American journalists and a British humanitarian worker.

The radical group claims to have assumed in recent 12:0 am, control of two dozen Kurdish-majority towns in northern Syria, while in Iraqi Kurdistan, Peshmerga fighters continue to try to halt the advance of the insurgents.

The Czech Republic sent this Thursday, a Canadian military aircraft, weaponry intended for Kurdish fighters. The shipment was organized in cooperation with the United States.

The Germany also is preparing to send arms to the Kurdish Peshmerga, following the decision voted on August 31 in the Berlin Parliament. The equipment in question was shown to the media at the base of Waren, in the North of the country.

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