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Scottish identity

Scotland will make a choice of weight, since the consequences could go far enough. The question of identity, highly emotional, is one that can weigh a lot in the decision of the Scots. The country cherishes and nurtures the millenary traditions of root, but is divided into multiple identity references with multiple sources. Being Scottish, after 307 years of a fruitful Union with the United Kingdom, finally, is what? Ron Cowie: â€" The Scots have an identity of their own, always had, always we have an unparalleled force for being Scottish, but we will always be part of the United Kingdom.

Internationally known symbol and drunk, the whisky of Scotland is the second most exported product, then to energy. Nine out of ten bottles leave abroad, in a sector that employs 35 thousand people. What is the impact of an eventual independence? David Williamson, responsible of the Scotch Whisky Association: â€" the Scotch whisky survived wars and revolutions. Make whiskey for 500 years but this is a big decision.

For two centuries the family distillery produces whiskey, GlenDronach and all bearing the same confidence in the future, whatever.

Alan McConnochie:

The Shetland Islands are located very far from London, but also of Edinburgh. Its seabed oil is extracted, but the arquilélago is rich in fish and in renewable energy. For these descendants of the vikings, the issue of Scottish identity is fluid. And drink beer.

Sonny Priest, owner-in Shetland there isn't much of traditional Scottish. You don't wear a kilt or anything like that. We do not associate the typical Scots.

That identity relationship can there be for who works and lives in Glaskow but is an immigrant? A recent poll says that 94% of immigrants identify themselves more with Scotland, by being more open to foreigners than the United Kingdom.

Olga Mausch-Debowska, Polish immigrant:

-The European Union is very important to me and Scotland is better as an integral part of the European Union than as part of the United Kingdom. And there is always the danger of getting out of the EU if we stay with the English.

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