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Pedro Sanchez: "we advocate Federal models such as Germany or the United States"

Pedro Sánchez: "Today in Spain and in many parts of Europe, many people see the future as a threat. Want to change those future threats for future opportunities. Two and a half years ago I was out of politics, was a University professor. My political commitment is the modernization of Spain and of Europe, the creation of job opportunities in Europe and the need for the world to see a competitive Europe, opportunities to radiate peace to the rest of the world. "

euronews: what kind of Socialist is, what do you propose?

Pedro Sánchez: "Reformist, moderniser. Spain has to modernize the economy. Both in Spain and in Europe, we must move towards greater transparency, citizen participation and democracy of our institutions. We must fight against corruption, which is the main poison of our democracy, and it is necessary to create jobs. Especially for young people.

euronews: "we won more than a million votes in the European elections. Now there are five MEPs in the European Parliament. What do you think I took all these people vote on this political formation?

Pedro Sánchez: "I don't know. I think the policy is to build and not to destroy. And to stand alongside all who see politics as being an exciting project, so be optimistic in the future. I don't have to think about 50 years ago. I believe that today there are people in Spain to gain 340 € per month, with this you can't live. It creates little work and what exists is very precarious. There is labour poverty. The important thing is to offer decent employment opportunities. "

euronews: "Said in an interview that populism just as Venezuela of Chavez. What did you mean by that? How do you define populism? "

Pedro Sánchez: "with proposals, as I'm pursuing, to face a process of tax reform, which causes great fortunes to pay more taxes to relieve the tax burden of working people and the middle class, are realistic and fair proposals from the social point of view.

Nationalize all strategic sectors of our economy is simply impossible. Therefore, between a proposal with a commitment to social justice, but realistic, and another offering false solutions to real problems, I choose the first one. "

euronews: "his party backed austerity measures, a few years back, how do you think these measures have helped the people?"

Pedro Sánchez: "there are different ways of doing politics in difficult contexts as Europe goes through with austerity. I believe that Europe must change economic policy. I proposed that there is a specific plan for public investment to countries that have an unemployment rate exceeding 15%. I proposed that the youth Guarantee Programme, which now is restricted to persons under 25 years, increase for 30 years. Because in Europe there are many young people between 25 and 30 years in unemployment. Both Spain, like the rest of Europe, should change the austerity policies of growth and job creation. In our context, the case of Spain, must also have the support of the European institutions. "

euronews: "Let's talk now of Scotland. What will be the impact of Scottish independence in the rest of Europe, and in the remaining regions independence? "

Pedro Sánchez: "often, what is crucial is how the expressions materialize and come true, these desires expressed in the vote. Bet on a strong and United Europe and a strong and United Scotland also in the European Union and the United Kingdom. "

euronews: "But the feelings of independence can have some influence in other regions..."

Pedro Sánchez: "As in Spain and the Catalan debate...? What we have to do in Catalonia, that's what I told Rajoy and the but is facing a constitutional renewal process. We have 35 years of successful constitutional. But it is true that we need to renew this Constitution. We must reorganize our territorial coexistence.

It is necessary to order the powers that are in each institutional level, in Spain and in the European Union. And we can only do with a constitutional reform. I want a Catalunya at the forefront of Spain, of the political, economic and social change â€" the flag of the Socialists. I don't want a Catalonia out of Spain. "

euronews: "How does this constitutional reform can give more autonomy to the regions and how can you benefit Spain?"

Pedro Sánchez: "Basically, we are talking about the skills reordering. Nowadays there are many citizens who are not aware of the responsibility of each level of administration.

To recognize in the Constitution who is responsible for public health, for education, for linguistic policy, how does the regional funding model, which is not recognized in the Constitution. I think that would clarify citizens and, above all, would reduce State expenditure.

Because in the end, it would be much more effective. We advocate Federal models such as Germany or the United States. In Europe, the Socialists say that Europe must be fed. When we talk about "more" European Union, we are talking about a federal Union. That's what I stand for in Spain. "

euronews: "we're back to the question of Scotland, to finish. What do you think should be the Spanish position if Scotland want to enter the European Union? "

Pedro Sánchez: "if we're going to bet on something will be this strong and United Union in which we are. And I believe that in the Catalan issue, we must defend the understanding, coexistence and, above all, recognize that Catalonia is a singular people that deserve to be recognized as such. Spain cannot be understood without Catalonia as Catalunya cannot be understood without the rest of Spain. It's hard to be rulers obliging citizens to choose between Spanish and Catalan. More than separate, Spanish and Catalan policy needs a lot of wisdom and a lot of courage to face the challenges together. "

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