quinta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2014

Ukrainian PM says that the association agreement opens via EU membership

The Ukrainian Prime Minister says that the Association Agreement signed with the European Union opens the way for accession of the country to community block.

At the meeting of the Government Tuesday, Arseny Yatseniuk in Kiev said Ukraine now has the "ambitious task" to fully implement the Pact until 2017.

The Chief Executive stressed that "the sooner the European Union sees that we are implementing the agreement, the sooner we will have the opportunity to present our candidacy for European membership; to say that satisfy all the criteria, according to article 49 of the agreement, and we introduce ourselves as eligible for membership of the European Union ".

Ukrainian and European parliaments have ratified simultaneously, this Tuesday, the Ukraine Association Agreement-European Union but to appease tensions with Russia, it was decided to postpone until the end of 2015 the part regarding free trade.

Still, Moscow did not fail to criticize the Pact. The Kremlin fears the former Soviet Republic's remoteness of their sphere of influence and the negative impact on its economy.

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