sexta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2014

Syria: International bombardments targeting "treasure" of the Islamic State

The international military coalition against the Islamic State was the main income sources of the armed group, by attacking oil installations in Syria during the third night of air strikes on the country.

At least 13 facilities in the northeast of Syria were target of attacks with military fighters and unmanned American aircraft, which caused the deaths of at least 14 fighters and five civilians, according to the activists from the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

The targets, mostly installed in prefabricated buildings constitute the "treasure" of the armed group that would control currently nine oil areas in northern Iraq and six out of ten Syrian oil facilities, which would ensure, in full, a production of about 50 thousand barrels of oil per day.

Among the targets endorsed by the bombings are still a centre of training of foreign fighters, as well as a building that an Islamic Court in albergaria Al Mayadin.

The France announced have also undertaken a new bombing in Iraq, during a reconnaissance mission, hours after the execution of a French hostage by an Algerian Islamist group and when Paris could extend its operations to Syrian territory.

On land, the Kurdish forces claim to have succeeded in turning back the clock on Islamist forces in the town of Kobani, along the border with Turkey, seven to ten kilometres from the city centre. The fighting between the Islamists and the so-called Kurdish protection units have caused at least 20 deaths, when Turkey accounts for more than 144 thousand refugees who crossed the border this week to seek refuge in the neighboring country.

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