quarta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2014

Ukraine-EU agreement: Postponement of measures leave many unhappy

If the ratification of the agreement between Ukraine and the European Union makes happy those who strove for him, there is also much skepticism.

The postponement for two years of free trade measures leaves unhappy the party Fatherland, of Yulia Timoshenko. Hryhoriy Nemyria's Party Deputy in Parliament in Kiev: "we have created a precedent. The Russia has, in practice, a veto power, or some veto power, concerning the sovereign choice of Ukrainian foreign policy. In practice, this delay causes several important reforms have also to be postponed, "he says.

The financial sector in Ukraine, is also worried about what this could mean delaying the country's economic future: "This postponement of the application of the Treaty concerns only tariffs or also has to do with standards, i.e. the standards of the European Union to the Ukrainian economy? If it's the latter, obviously is an open question, harmful to Ukraine's efforts to move closer to the European Union ", says Peter Bobrinsky, Director of Dragon Capital, largest bank in Ukraine.

With free trade entered into force only in 2016, the Ukrainian Government managed to calm relations with Russia, the main opponent of the agreement. The postponement could give to those who are against the Association Agreement the opportunity to divert the Ukraine this path and take her to another trading block, the Customs Union with Russia.

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