quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2014

Australia Announces passive support in combating Islamic State

Before the Parliament in Canberra, the Prime Minister confirmed the operation, but ensured that the Australian planes are not yet actively involved in the fighting, just on surveillance and Allied supply. Make the most active Australian participation is not yet set aside.

"Due to the fact that ISIL have global ambitions, our domestic and international security services are inseparable. However, at all times, the Government will always respond prudently and proportionally, "promised Tony Abbott, for whom the Islamic State is an" apocalyptic cult of death. "

With the Allied bombing multiple targets these days of Islamic State â€" Tuesday, British fighters targeted armed vehicles around Baghdad, the head of Australian Government admits that participation in the bombing to the ISIL is on the table, in Canberra, but the decision has not yet been taken.

"Our operations are in support, not attack missions. The ' raids ' Australians await Iraqi Government permits and decisions of our own Office. But, as of today (Wednesday), our aircraft refuelling and surveillance will operate about Iraq in support of the United States and the other allies ", explained Abbott Australian Parliament.

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