sábado, 18 de outubro de 2014

Brazil: Detained suspect of serial killers

Thiago Gomes da Rocha, of 26 years, was arrested in Goiania in Central Brazil, and have confessed to the deaths of 39 people since 2011.

Among the victims there are at least 16 girls, 15 men and eight beggars, homeless.

The mother of one of the youths allegedly killed by Thiago is pleased with the arrest of the suspect:

"Justice will be done Now and I'm relieved to get that monster out of circulation," he said.

The suspect has revealed to the police that she didn't know the victims. He felt a sudden rage of everything, which only spent killing people. Then I felt remorse and anger, he killed again.

But the defense lawyer says he denies the facts.

"There's going to be a police investigation to see the evidence and the expertise and what they have against him really. I talked to him yesterday and denied the facts. "

The victims were felled by a guy driving a motorcycle. The police found in the suspect's domicile a 38 caliber revolver, a motorcycle and two stolen registration plates. The investigation has confirmed the coincidence of the weapon in the death of six of the victims.

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