segunda-feira, 6 de outubro de 2014

Demonstrations in support of the traditional family model and against prejudice

At the sight of the protesters the legalization of surrogate and assisted procreation to same-sex couples, in France.

"Two men know each other, come together at the end of two weeks and the next thing you want to have a child. What happens to the child when you separate? The same applies to women. It's not right. God created man and woman "refers to a French protester.

An initiative which according to organisers gathered 500 thousand people, the police comes to about 70 thousand.

In Paris and in Bordeaux, were also a lot of those who demonstrated against what they call bias.

"People marching against equality are simply saying that there is only a single family model, IE, or the person integrates or is deleted. But this model does not apply to most families in France. The family is something that comes down to love "says Guillaume Bonnet, spokesman of the Association All Out, that fights for the rights of LGBT people.

The Association All Out until 2013 if hit, in France, by the same-sex marriage promises to return to the street to say enough of discrimination.

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