sábado, 11 de outubro de 2014

Ebola: first death by contagion in Europe may have occurred in Macedonia

Macedonia is on high alert after the death of a British citizen suspected of having contracted the Ebola virus.

The man who went to the country for professional reasons has been hospitalized, this Thursday, and died hours later.

The result of the complementary analysis is not yet known, but the British authorities believe that this death is not related to the Ebola virus.

Okay, is that all the people who came into contact with the victim in the hotel where he was staying-in the capital of Macedonia â€" were placed in quarantine.

The Director of the Center for disease control and prevention of the United States points out that the virus is mutating and that combating the disease will be long. Tom Frieden compares the battle against Ebola to the AIDS virus, over the past three decades, and hopes that this time, the disease is caught in time.

In many countries the prevention begins at airports with the detection of signs of fever and the completion of a questionnaire. Procedures which experts say does not solve the problem since the incubation period of the virus may reach the three weeks.

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