domingo, 12 de outubro de 2014

The harsh reality of the families of young Frenchmen who join the extremists in Syria

A few months ago, two half-brothers, of Toulouse, joined the Group and ended up dead, one of them as a suicide bomber.

Sahra, a young man of 17 years, daughter of a French woman and a Frenchman of Algerian descent, converted to Islam there is 2 years. In March left for Syria, and married a Tunisian.

The mother, Severine Mehenni, does not understand the situation. Wonders how long her daughter on the internet being "indoctrinated". Says that she spent a lot of time and it all happened through a "brainwashing".

The parents are talking to her over the internet but crave their return. This is the last picture of Sahra in French territory.

"I will do everything so that my daughter comes back, that's clear. And when she returned to France will have a second battle with the French Government, that's for sure. My daughter is a terrorist ... ", confesses her mom.

Return to France to face justice, implies more severe when cases like this multiply.

Nora, 16 years, joined the front al-Nusra, branch of al Qaeda. His brother travelled to Syria to rescue her, without success. Managed to see her and believe that she wants to return:

"What made me even more motivated to bring her back, went to see the State in which she was horrible. She usually has darker skin than mine but was whiter and my face was swollen, yellowish skin. I think, psychologically, that's not right. She couldn't stop crying and beating his head against the wall, "explains Foad El-Bahty.

Some people find humanitarian motivations for these people to migrate to Syria. Now, what you find is surely different.

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