sexta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2014

IDPs in Ukraine

Even if the family of Serhiy enjoys a rent allowance, it doesn't get any serena that. Their main concern is the future. Everyone wants to go home, but it's still very dangerous. Security and peace must be the priority of the new Parliament and Government, recognizes Serhriy as well as economic recovery, because the war has destroyed the region. And concludes: "what we need is to focus on the economy and put an end to this war. And make all the laws are properly applied. "

A few minutes away from Kharkiv, the small town of Pisochyn has one of the largest schools in the region. Has about a thousand students. Some chose to study Russian as the main language; other, Ukrainian.

More than 40 children from the conflict zone are studying here. Svitlana Lukyanenko is a teacher. For her, the language was never a problem and do not understand what are the main reasons for the current conflict:

"The language is of no importance. We respect each other. Never had conflicts because of being from the East or the West of Ukraine ".

Many things have changed over the last six months, confesses that Reman, on the other hand, believes that nothing, yet, is irreparable; Despite the losses you can still move on. For this we need in-depth reforms and is what she expects from the new Parliament and the new Government:

"We have a lot of concerns, of course. The first, with the price of basic products. The gas and electricity invoices must arrive in November and just think about it terrifies us. the price of gas and hot water has increased a lot. Invoices will be heavy.

The real political aspirations of the leaders of Kharkiv are still a question mark. Some local politicians pró-russos and allies of the former regime are fighting for a seat in Parliament. Only the legislation will allow knowing if Kharkiv is ready for, or not, to trust in new institutions.


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