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Ukraine: refugees in their own country

"Many of my friends were in the Crimea, my grandparents, too. But since I moved here, I feel more free. "

Left the House ever, after the invasion by Russia. His family refused Russian citizenship, quickly sold the apartment of Sevastopol and bought a new, near Kiev, in a system of lease with option to purchase.

Natalia Mykhaylichenko, mother of the small Hrystynka:

"Currently there are too many refugees. How many people receive a real help? Someone proposed a place in a nursing home, a sanatorium. My husband, who is a very serious person, said: the country is in a State such that we cannot add our problems in this situation. Let's do what we can ".

Only a few refugees can settle with the ses own means. The State subsidizes only 20 to 25% of dwellings for refugees. One of the human rights militants, author of a bill adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament, which simplifies the administrative requirements of refugees, is Look Skripnyk, which denounces:

"Many employers ask to our civic center to convey the need for refugees to go to find the family booklet Donbas. They're asking people to return the territory in war. But, now, there's a law that says clearly that displaced persons can find work through a simplified route ".

The only articles of the Bill rejected by MEPs, who were assigned to the displaced persons the right to buy property on an equal footing with the locals, as well as those aimed at exonerating the tax aid to refugees at the national level. But international aid is not subject to customs fees. Another criticism made by Look Skripnyk:

"There will be no taxes for humanitarian aid from abroad, but humanitarian aid in the country, charge-if taxes"

In mid-October, the service of humanitarian protection and civil protection of the European Commission announced that more than 402 thousand people were displaced within the Ukraine and more than 472 thousand fled to neighbouring countries. Figures may be higher, due to the lack of a central service records.

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