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Jean Paul Gaultier: A striped career

Gaultier makes a bow to women, which knows the body and measures the foibles. Gives a Miss to every parade, who sits to watch and those who pay to see this spectacle of varieties there is nothing to prove and everything to celebrate. Seventy-eight coordinated recall a career that didn't go in fashions. The creator gives rope the pedals and makes the Tour de France, with all those who helped draw the 38th book in his shirt. In this variety show, Miss Meteo changes of humor as time. The passage of Miss Wag, the bling bling is reflected in wedding band women of football players. Miss Vintage toast to wrinkles, with a glass of wine matured and hovering above the vines. Miss Tux appears in black suits and with a lit cigarette in the nozzle shut the flame in the industry. Miss Lucha Libre comes from everything, before the election of Miss Jean Paul Gaultier. Miss elected was the Model Coco Rocha. Mr. may, very well, be you.

Miss France. Free, way and tracks to your chest. The election of Miss France. Rossy de Palma, Spanish Muse of Pedro Almodóvar, opens the way and shows how it's done. Wore the corsage of "Madame de Palmay", in honour of Geneviève de Fontenay, unavoidable Coordinator of the contest Miss France, and his wide-brimmed hat.

Miss Tour de France. A two-wheeled journey, by the landscapes of the logos. Dressed for crossing the line, with the yellow Jersey.

Miss Meteo vibrates as the weather and the wind blow. Today with a yellow bikini and two sunflowers in hand. Tomorrow, with an open umbrella and a pair of galoshes who cry at the sound of the rain.

Miss Redactrice de Mode. Jean Paul Gaultier paid tribute to the strong figures of criticism sets. Grace Coddington, American Vogue, stayed with the red hair, curly hair, standing. The models also wore the style of Franca Sozzani, Suzy Menkes, Carine Roitfeld, Babeth Djian and Emmanuelle Alt, Publisher of Vogue Paris.

Miss Wag ("Wives and Girlfriends", wives and girlfriends of footballers) football players ' wives, Queens of the penalties and the bling. Miss Wag entered, in the penalty area, accented with Rhinestones and with the soccer ball in the bag. The supermodel Karlie Kloss incarnated the spirit Wag and gave the Swag.

Miss Vintage. The beauty of aging with the seal of quality "Vintage". In the universe of Jean-Paul Gaultier wrinkles are ironed before the parades. Catherine Loewe, of 56 years, was one of the models parading in black, to the sound of the song "La vie en rose". A touching passage, with a silence of palms and bright-eyed.

Miss Tux. Satin lapels and hybrid models that attach to the dress coat. And the timeless Tux to power.

Miss Lucha Libre. Mask or a Cape. The Queens of daily struggle, with pulses of iron. Came ready for everything. For day and for night.

A spectacle that marked the end of an era, in the fashion of the ready to wear. The last parade of Jean Paul Gaultier, for whom the image of fashion is not a coatrack hung and there's always someone inside, someone in reaction. Historical reactions, now hung on hangers, in the archives of the brand. Began in 1976 and created an atmosphere of its own. Shows where the fun dancing to the sound of musical selection. Always wanted you to be the person telling the story. Always played these social currents, bringing them to a creative exponent. A talent of eyes and blue stripes. A talent tied to the world of fashion, with sailor's knot.

A soul of an artist and a handmade aura, with noble fabrics. For many, the embodiment of good person, good energy and sympathy. The smiles were more flashy accessories in every parade. Jean Paul Gaultier, turned chairs cross-legged in a standing ovation. Broke prejudices with the hammer of Justice and accompanied wrinkles, sexual preferences and voluptuous curves up to the podium. He made us think. And laugh. Will remain committed to the spirit of the parades of Haute Couture, which require more creativity in research. Says maybe go make capsule collections, more accessible, costumes for theater, concerts or decoration. "It will give me more time to do other things. I couldn't stop and do nothing. If so, could only be crazy. I could die. " This Captain stripped off his shirt and tied it to the mariniére sails of the ship "Haute-Couture". This Captain does not abandon the boat. Word of sailor.

Patricia Tavares-Journalist sets (

The triple Mode-F designs soundtracks for fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York. Playlist of the parade, by the designers of sound, Nano Clausel, Laurent Ballot and Alexander Maxwell:

Jean-Claude Petit â€" Champs Elysees Prince â€" 1999 RuPaul â€" Supermodel You Better Work Kraftwerk â€" Tour De France Yvette Horner et son orchestre â€" le vol du bourdon Yves Montand â€" A bicyclette Jane Birkin â€" La Gadoue Brigitte Bardot â€" Nue au soleil Madonna â€" Vogue Spice Girls â€" Who Do You Think You Are Grace Jones â€" La vie en rose Iggy Pop â€" Nightclubbing Survivor â€" Eye of the tiger Prince The Revolution Kiss [MODE-F remix] Chic â€" I want your love Dimitri from Paris remix

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