segunda-feira, 13 de outubro de 2014

USA: nurse who treated man who died of Ebola have been infected

An official from the Dallas hospital where died last week a man infected with Ebola also contracted the virus, according to a preliminary examination.

The result must be confirmed definitively by a new test performed by the Center for disease control and prevention in Atlanta.

The nurse treated Thomas Eric Duncan, first person to die of the disease in the United States. The Liberian, who had arrived shortly before the country of origin, was admitted to the Texas Presbyterian Hospital after displaying symptoms of the disease, already in American territory.

Although acknowledging that the measures would not have served in the case of Duncan, the authorities have initiated, in j. f. Kennedy airport in New York, Ebola screening checks.

A traveler says that "everything that can be done to stop [the epidemic] worth it, despite the potential drawbacks, for security reasons".

Another says "don't see why there's a problem with that. But it's worth being safe and that the borders be safe too. "

Only measures aimed at passengers arriving from West African countries that constitute the focus of the epidemic. Procedures will be extended to other North American airports in the coming days.

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