domingo, 26 de outubro de 2014

King of Spain presides at the Prince of Asturias Awards

Chairing the session was the one who was, till June, Prince of Asturias and is, today, King of Spain.

Among the prizewinners, in this case for communication and Humanities, was Quino, Argentine, creator of the famous character Mafalda, for 50 years.

The Irish writer John Banville, awarded the prize for literature was one of the speakers. His speech revolved around the importance of the phrase not only speech but in the world:

"The transcendental invention of mankind was the phrase. There were great civilizations that were unaware of the concept of the wheel but had the sentence, without it would not have been neither large nor civilized. With phrases we speculate, we calculate, we imagine. With phrases we declare our love, war, took oath. With phrases we assert our being. "

The famous American architect Frank Gehry in charge, for example, the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, won the award for the arts. Another one joins the dozens with which has already been awarded.

The Prince of Asturias Award for Concord, which starting in 2015 will be called Princess of Asturias, was delivered to Caddy Adzuba, journalist, lawyer, activist for women's rights, of children for freedom of the press in the Congo.

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