sábado, 25 de outubro de 2014

British Prime Minister says he won't pay more than 2 billion required by the European Commission

David Cameron interrupted the meeting of EU leaders in Brussels, and in the press conference did not hide the revolt by the announcement at point-blank range, "the European Commission says whenever it comes to a technical adjustment, but that translates into a Bills, who all have to pay. But no, it's not true? We integrate this organization and we invest in it, we have a prominent role and nobody joins an association who suddenly presents an invoice of 2 billion three weeks prior to the date of payment. It's not acceptable behavior. And this organization has realized that behaves in this way must not be surprised when the elements tell us it is need to change course. "

The British Prime Minister has demanded the Organization, as a matter of urgency, for talks with European Finance Ministers. The announcement comes at a time when anti-European sentiment growing among the British.

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