sábado, 25 de outubro de 2014

Dilma dilates advantage over Aetius

Dilma Rousseff is closer to stay at the Presidential Palace. For the first time, the current President of Brazil has an advantage over the opponent, Aecio Neves, higher than the margin of error. An advantage of eight points, according to the Ibope poll and six points according to Datafolha.

The entry into the scene of former President Lula, with attacks on Aetius and a more aggressive strategy on the part of Rousseff in recent debates are noted as reasons for this rise in voting intentions.

We create opportunities for people to change their life. And I'll continue creating opportunities, on course pic.twitter.com/u7yW8Oy3A4

Despite all the accusations that Dilma and the PT have been targeted throughout the term.

For Adaílton Carvalho, professor of music in a slum, that's not what will weaken the President: "we don't change a team that WINS. Everything that Rousseff has to do is hold the strings to remove any elements that are only in politics to get rich, "he says.

If the poor areas appear to support, mostly, Dilma Rousseff, is in the richest parts of Rio de Janeiro, such as Ipanema, which is easier to find supporters of Aecio Neves: "here we see everybody against Rousseff, there is a great desire for change. But I don't know if this reflects the sentiment of the country, since this is an area of elite ", says Beatriz Todeschini Pires, owner of a clinic.

Aëtius, in press conference, lamented the low level of opposing campaign #VotoAecioPeloBR45IL pic.twitter.com/tIjdBMiPfG

But things are not so simple and this is far from being a debate between rich and poor. Tonight, the two candidates face each other in a last televised debate, on Rede Globo, crucial to convince the 3% who remain undecided.

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