segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2014

Nepal: still missing about 40 people in the Himalayas

The violent storm of snow, which befell the mountain range of the Himalayas, reached more than five hundreds of climbers.

Are missing nearly 40 people were recovered approximately the same number of bodies. The search continues to be complicated:

"The ground is good, but the weather and the height of snow hamper our movements. Since yesterday the weather improved but, despite having stopped snowing, the wind is very strong. So while there is strong wind is very difficult the helicopters doing their job, "said the spokesperson of the Nepali army.

This Saturday were deployed 12 aircraft to the search, but there are inaccessible areas where it is impossible to land. The likelihood of an increase in the number of dead is great.

Seven Israeli climbers, who survived to that which is already considered one of the worst accidents in the mountains of Nepal, returned home this Sunday:

"I've been there two nights ago, I was completely buried in the snow, about 15 the 4:0 pm. And the other night I was out of snow until the rescue team came to pick me up, "says one of the survivors.

More than 370 people have been rescued. About 230 of survivors are foreign nationals, among them French, Germans and Austrians. Among the victims are Canadians, Indians, Israelis and poles.

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