sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2014

Obama says Ebola needs to be eradicated in Africa for which no longer arise cases in the u.s.

Barack Obama says that the Ebola epidemic needs to be eradicated in West Africa, in order to eliminate the possibility of new cases in the United States.

At the White House, the President implicitly criticized American governors of some States that have advanced with particularly stringent measures.

Surrounded by health professionals who have been or will soon be working for the zone of risk, Obama said that "it is with the determination, skill and patriotism of people like these that we can contain and eliminate this epidemic of Ebola" and added that they should be received as "Heroes" when "return home".

The u.s. President stressed that "while the epidemic is not stopped, we may continue to see individual cases in the United States in the coming weeks or even months".

The issue of mandatory quarantines is generating controversy in the country.

A nurse from the State of Maine who treated patients in West Africa and that was negative in the tests that was submitted to return to u.s. territory, said that if the insulation that was forced by the local Government was not lifted until this Thursday, will turn to the courts.

Kaci Hickox had already criticized the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, after being transferred from Newark Airport to a tent in quarantine before being driven to his residence in Maine, where he meets a forced isolation of currently 21 days.

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