sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2014

Egypt expelled residents along the Gaza to create exclusion zone

#AMAY Army begins destroying houses near Rafah border for more details:

In all, about 800 homes should be demolished, especially in the town of Rafah, and hundreds of people displaced. Jamal Salah resides in Rafah and says hearing "explosions every day near the border". "They are to expel residents who live on this side. They're trying to create a desert zone, "he says.

Karm Alkwadis checkpoint east Elarish has been targeted by explosive car, 17 killed, more than 10 injured #Sinai

The measure was taken after a bombing occurred Friday in this region and have caused the death of more than 30 soldiers. The Egyptian Government has decreed a State of emergency and President Abdelfatah al Sisi ordered that the homeless were compensated financially "as fast as possible" and that they were guaranteed all civil and social rights.

N Sinai evacuated civilians for buffer zone creation "@timy74: @TheBigPharaoh houses with tunnels inside or in premesis are not compansated"

In social networks on the internet, however, began to be shared several messages criticizing the Government measure. "Banning is not the answer" has become, including, in one of the key phrases used by Twitter.

Evacuation and displacement are not the solution #HumanRights #Egypt #media (@Zeinobia) Egyptian Chronicles â†'

For a long time that the Sinai Peninsula a zone of instability in Egypt. In particular, near Gaza. Are usual attacks against Egyptian authorities in the region. These attacks have intensified since in Egypt was overthrown, the 3 of July of last year, the Islamic Government of President Mohamed Mursi.

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