quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2014

Rousseff faces big challenges in this second term

It is clear that Rousseff has many challenges ahead of us, a lot of things will have to change, including most of the Ministers, as the holder of the folder of the economy which had already committed to turning if it was re-elected.

"There was a very adverse situation for the Government, an economic environment in which the country is growing, although he managed to keep his job, that's what I tried and succeeded Rousseff transmit that to the population: the entire world is facing a crisis but we're keeping employment and increasing the minimum wage. And I think that's why she won, because he convinced people that way of dealing with the crisis, "says political analyst Sonia Fleury.

The Brazilian situation is particular. Although he continued to attract foreign investment, and it should not be forgotten that the Brazilian market is, extremely, protectionist, the confidence of domestic enterprises is the lowest of the past five years and investors are not satisfied. They accuse the Government of interfering, excessively, in the economy limited growth and competitiveness.

Still, the streets became the party might hope that Rousseff, in this second term, take the country out of stagnation.

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