terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2014

Ukraine: Started talks to pro-Western coalition formation

Following the victory of supporters of European integration of Ukraine in the Sunday legislative Chairman Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk had preliminary talks for more than likely formation of coalition Government.

Petro Poroshenko block wants an enlarged coalition of pro-Western parties. "I want to emphasise that our formula is that all the parties that took part in the protests of ' maidan ' be included in the coalition. In particular, the Freedom Party, the party of Self-help, the advantage of the motherland; all of them can enter the coalition talks that started literally this morning ", Yuriy Lutsenko, announced the formation of the President.

Surprise was their third place by Self-help party, composed of young militants and soldiers returning from the front line. "The people who will have positions should be the best in their areas and not friends and colleagues, as it used to be, we have to have a direct personal responsibility. Only self-sufficient personalities should be named Ministers, with the right to make independent decisions and then take responsibility ", explained the formation leader, Andriy Sadovyi.

Brussels and Washington welcomed the electoral process and the choice of the Ukrainians. Poroshenko met Monday with members of the European Parliament to evaluate the result of the ballot. The President had a message. "I ask politely to eventually accelerate the process of ratification of the association agreement in your countries. It would also be an important gesture of support during this period, "said Poroshenko.

The Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk also met with MEPs.

Moscow reacted by the voice of the Foreign Minister. Sergei Lavrov affirmed that Russia recognize the election and the results, despite not having passed scrutiny across the country.

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