quinta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2014

Russia and Ukraine: talks in Milan and conflict on the ground

To prepare for this round, the heads of the Russian and American diplomats met on Tuesday in Paris. Serguei Lavrov declared that we must relaunch political dialogue, because the Minsk agreements provided the necessary to solve the Ukrainian crisis, but said once again:

"You know, John Kerry, I don't represent the parties in conflict. As I have already said, resolving the Ukrainian crisis is only possible when there is direct agreements between those involved. "

For his part, John Kerry recalled that only the legislative elections of 26 October are legitimate, as well as those of the local leaders in the Donbas:

“(…) We believe that any efforts to justify the referendum for independence of Luhansk and Donetsk, at this moment, would constitute a violation of the agreements from Minsk, and the results would not be recognized by Ukraine or by the international community ".

Kerry confirmed the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and the border area. The 12 October, Vladimir Putin ordered the return of the secondment of Rostov, but the Kremlin denied any involvement in the Ukrainian conflict always.

Essential element for surveillance of the border and the ceasefire, which came into force on September 5, is the set of drones arrived in Ukraine in recent days. The total will only become operational at the end of the month. The OSCE is in charge of monitoring the truce.

Numerous violations of the truce have been verified in Donestk and Mariupol, a strategic port on the sea of Azov, which is in the hands of the Ukrainians. The conflict has caused 3600 dead so far, according to the UN.

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