segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014

Russians shift to winter time ... forever

In Russia, this is the last time the time changes. Three years after the repeal of the law of change of time, the clocks are now permanently in the winter time.

The measure is not unanimous: "it's always good to change, because now in the winter, night, will always be dark, but in the morning we will always have an extra hour of sunlight," says a resident of Moscow.

Among critics the permanent change of hour is the President of the Russian geographical Institute, Arkady Tishkov, for whom the measure is a mistake: "I do not accept that, because of what two or three people say, in accordance with the interests of some advertisers ', i.e., 142 million people have to suffer the consequences of this change. That's what I don't like in this law ".

Critics point out the lobby of television advertising as being behind the measure since, as dark sooner, people have a tendency to see more television at night.

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