segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014

Protests over the death of students generate violence in Mexico

Members of the teachers ' Union destroyed the premises of the State Department of education, in protest against the lack of response from the authorities.

The State Governor resigned temporarily, but the discontent does not disappear, because the police is the prime suspect in the death of the students.

"We're worried about the lines of investigation that authorities opened, because they reflect an attempt to criminalize our school and reduce the blame from the police to a mere apology," said Pedro García, a student at the Normal School of Ayotzinapa.

Ángel Aguirre, Governor of the State, announced that he was moving away for some time, since the law does not allow you to resign, Aguirre is a member of the ruling party, the PRD, and became an awkward figure figure to President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Elements of the police are suspected of having killed students and kidnapped others, in collusion with a local group of criminals.

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