domingo, 5 de outubro de 2014

Syria: Kobani continues to be the scene of intense fighting

The offensive against the Kurdish city on Syria-Turkey border. continues despite recent air strikes led by the United States.

John Allen, the American who coordinates the international coalition against the Islamic State movement, praised the efforts of the Government of Iraqi Prime Minister, to work with the provincial and tribal leaders, and said the next steps:

"Defeating this force in physical space will require a counteroffensive and we'll help train the forces that will be part of this counteroffensive, we will help with the application of air power."

Kurdish fighters continue to fight against the Islamic State group, along the border with Turkey, an approach that does not please the Turks who don't want Kobani fall into the hands of extremists.

The Turkish Parliament has approved new powers for the Government to launch military incursions in Syria and in Iraq. But Syrian authorities have already warned that it will be considered an attack on its territorial integrity. The Turkish authorities will also allow foreign forces launch operations from its territory.

It is in this country that are approximately 160 thousand Syrian refugees forced to flee their villages and war.

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