domingo, 5 de outubro de 2014

I trade agreement and EUA lacks transparency

A growing number of critics in America and Europe have raised doubts about the true interest of this plan that will encourage business denouncing companies by deregulating everything from the use of chemicals to the labour market and intellectual property.

Negotiations have been secret abroad Washington and the two main negotiators tried, at a press conference a good idea.

Dan Mullaney, one of the negotiators explains:

"We heard concerns that the negotiations should not require the privatisation of public services, such as water services, education, national health care. Thus, we welcome the opportunity to confirm that the United States do not include such provisions in their trade agreements and we're not doing this negotiation. “

"Nothing will be done that might diminish or endanger the protection of the environment, health, safety, consumers, data privacy or even any other aspect of public life."

The Euronews correspondent explains, "the main negotiators also addressed the controversial issue of transparency, though not convincingly. The lectures were held in secret, only a minimum of information was given to the press and no one was willing to say how long the negotiations will last and what to expect. “

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