terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2014

United Europe against Ebola promises funds and repatriations

Meeting in Luxembourg, the Foreign Ministers promise, too, at least 500 million euros to the affected countries.

The United Kingdom suggested doubling the Fund and achieve the billion, and will say so at the European Summit this week.

"It is a worthwhile investment. The money will be used in more hospital beds and isolation facilities in the countries affected. The only way to prevent the spread is to ensure the isolation and early treatment ", explains Philip Hammond, the British Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

Under discussion is, too, a joint repatriation of the humanitarian system to spread â€" regardless of nationality, through civilian or military aircraft, chartered by the European Commission, and private planes from a u.s. company.

European leaders are aware that, without this measure â€" claimed by individual non-governmental organizations-, it will be increasingly difficult to recruit volunteers to treat the sick.

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