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Germany: Lufthansa pilots ' strike impacts 200,000 passengers

More than 1500 flights of short, medium and long haul were cancelled, during these two days the eighth strike of the year the German airline.

More than 200 thousand passengers will suffer the consequences of this strike and some in Frankfurt, for example, are beginning to lose patience.

"I also work and should return in Berlin tonight. But yesterday we changed our plans and I'm going to catch a train. I'm going to get to Frankfurt around 11 at night. The day will be very long, so my sympathy for the strikers is limited, "said a passenger.

Opinion shared by another passenger: "it's annoying, it's very annoying. I've lost the sympathy and I don't understand at all why these fights have to be undertaken at the expense of passengers. "

The pilots require the maintenance of early retirement to 55 years, with 60% of the salary, before receiving a full pension at the age of 65 years. The Board proposes to maintain this age for current employees but increase it to who will be hired in the future.

As for the strike of trains, she is due to the requirement of the Machinists of the Deutsch Bahn to work less and earn more. The GDL Union calls for a reduction in the working week from 39 to 37 hours and a salary increase of 5% to 20,000 employees.

The direction of the Deutsch Bahn makes a compass of waiting, pending the adoption of a law, scheduled for November, which will allow companies to validate a wage agreement concluded with the majority Union â€" which is not the case of the GDL.

The strike this weekend, the third in the Deutsch Bahn in two weeks, lasted for 50 hours, and paralyzed two thirds of the German national railway. The Union has already made it known that a new strike is possible within a week.

As for Lufthansa, analysts estimate that this series of eight strikes will reduce by 80 or 90 million the gross profits of the Lufthansa this year.

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