quarta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2014

Vincent: the first baby to win the uterine infertility

The baby, born prematurely and by caesarean section, is the first success of a new treatment applied in total the nine women with uterine infertility.

The mother witness, anonymously and for the first time since the announcement of the birth, a few days ago:

"It's a fantastic feeling. I feel like any mother with their first child even after years of shame and despair when I saw and touched my baby for the first time, I felt only a mother ".

A year after the transplant, the embryo obtained by in vitro fertilization was introduced in the new uterus. The child was born last month, with 32 weeks of gestation, after the doctors had precipitated the birth.

A baby in perfect state of health according to the person in charge of the operation, Dr. Mats Brannstorm:

"It feels wonderful, but the best reward is seeing his parents â€" the new happy family â€" and see the baby and hear that we discovered a treatment for thousands of women who cannot yet be mothers."

The Revolutionary treatment is still undergoing improvement. Of the nine women who received a transplanted uterus, at least two had to extract the organ as a result of infections. Vincent is the result of 15 years of research in Sweden, when the first uterus transplant was successfully performed just two years ago.

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