quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2014

Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb hostage video broadcast French and Dutch

Lazarevic, of 50 years, was kidnapped in Mali in 2011 along with another Frenchman, found dead in July 2013. In the last video released and authenticated by Elisha, Lazarevic said to be ill and that his life is in danger. The last proof of life of the French hostage dated back to June of this year and, at the time, the President asked Lazarevic François Hollande who earned his release.

Rijke, for its part, had been kidnapped at the end of 2011 in a Timbuktu restaurant, when it was a trip through the Sahara. Following widespread, the Dutch hostage indicates that the video was taken about a month ago, on 26 September, explaining that it's been more than a thousand days in captivity.

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