segunda-feira, 10 de novembro de 2014

Catalonia is preparing for a "referendum" that defies justice independence

Thus, forgetting that Saturday is normally a day of reflection, parties in favour of appointment continued to try to convince the Catalans to go to the polls.

"We are trying to convince the undecided to go vote. To vote ' yes ' or ' no ', is the same. What we want is to be a historic day and that people vote without fear and with joy, "explains, in Catalan, Ignasi Masip, spokesman for the Catalan national Assembly.

Opponents of independence have made campaign against a vote they consider illegal and undemocratic, held without electoral lists, without Commission and control only with volunteers ' yes ' supporters.

"Ballot boxes and ballot papers do not necessarily mean democracy. In this case, are a travesty of democracy. By that, I mean the President of Catalonia, Artur Mas: If you want people to vote, carry out early elections ", defies Albert Rivera," party leader "Ciutadans (Citizens).

Although the referendum was officially suspended by the Spanish Constitutional Court, Madrid is not intended to prevent the realization of the query, although promise guarantee the unity of the country.

"As long as I am President of the Government, national sovereignty will be safe and as long as I am President of the Government, no one will destroy the unity of Spain, nobody!", assured the Chief Executive, Mariano Rajoy.

Several demonstrations were organized, all over Spain: some in favour of the independence of Catalonia, other in favor of Spanish unity. In Barcelona, the two camps eventually face and the police was forced to intervene to separate the demonstrators.

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