domingo, 9 de novembro de 2014

Mexico: family members want "concrete evidence" of the death of the 43 missing students

At a press conference, Attorney General Jesus Morillo revealed the testimonies of three members of a local criminal group, held for eight days, who claim to have killed, burned and buried the remains of the students in a dumpster in the vicinity of Iguala.

The ashes gathered will now be subjected to laboratory analyses Austrian.

Family members reacted with anger to the announcement, demanding proof of death of students:

"We want to say, as parents and family members, that we will not accept this statement from the Attorney-General, since neither he has even sure were killed. We are ready to accept the results of the investigation but with hard evidence. Only when we know what the police say is the truth is that we will accept the outcome of the investigation, "said the mother of one of the students.

To Mexican authorities, students continue to be missing until they met the test results to their alleged remains.

The Mexican President promised yesterday that all those responsible will be punished:

"I want to reiterate my support and my sympathy to the parents, families and colleagues of the students and ensure that investigations will be undertaken to the last consequences and those responsible will be punished," said Enrique Peña Nieto.

The Amnesty regretted that the authorities do not consider the case as, "a State crime", recalling that the prime suspect in the case, the Mayor of Iguala had also been involved in the disappearance of eight local activists in 2013 without ever having been haunted by the justice.

Beyond the Mayor and his wife, other 72 people were detained during the investigation, between local police and members of a local criminal group, United Guerreros.

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