segunda-feira, 17 de novembro de 2014

Chief of the US military admits that operation against HEY could last "several years"

The fight against the Islamic State group (EI) in Iraq and Syria, could last "several years", according to the Chief of staff of the u.s. armed forces.

General Martin Dempsey went this Saturday to Iraq, during a surprise visit for the first time since the start of operations of the international military coalition against the Islamist group.

A visit to meet with Iraqi political leaders and lift the morale of the troops, with the announcement that the balance of forces on the ground, "is changing", thanks to the collaboration between the Iraqi army and the international forces.

The visit comes at a time when the Iraqi army claims to be about to regain control over the country's largest oil refinery, in Banji at the hands of the Islamist group and that was the target of new bombing on Saturday.

The announcement that the operation against the HEY could last several years occurs after Washington have allowed the strengthening of its military contingent on the ground of 1,400 to 3,100 men.

General Dempsey also stated that they will launch a new recruitment program to increase the number of effective Iraqi army, having also remembered that the greatest challenge on the ground passes through overcoming the divisions between Shiite and Sunni communities in the country. "We are going to need time to build a climate of confidence," Dempsey said, "at least several years".

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