quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2014

Iraq/Syria: Strengthening the fight against the Islamic State group

In the city, located 250 kilometres strategic North of Baghdad, is the largest oil refinery in the country.

In turn, the President of the Iraqi Parliament after a meeting with Sunni tribal leaders disclosed that the Government will supply arms to help combat the forces of the Islamic State in Anbar province.

"The process started today. We hope volunteers and lists the respective equipment and supplies are due their areas with what you need. Is food, detergents or hygiene products. We will also provide weaponry they need and help in logistics, "said Salim Al-Jibouri.

In the town of Kobani Syria to fight against the forces of the Islamic State progresses in favour of the Kurds who, with the help of "peshmergas" Iraqis, managed to cut and control a major access route into the city, preventing the jihadi forces being supplied food, ammunition and weaponry.

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