quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2014

The Serb leader will be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity

In February 2003, Vojislav Seselj left Belgrade toward the Hague, the Netherlands, to the sound of slogans of supporters. The Deputy Prime Minister and militia leader turned himself in to the ICTY, because I believe that would be the first Serb to surrender, with a popularity intact, despite accusations.  

Two days earlier, had been re-elected triumphantly as leader of the Serbian Radical Party, which he founded in 1990 and which was always a Manager. The farewell speech was a challenge.  

Vojislav Seselj â€" I'm proud to represent the interests of more than 10 thousand volunteers of the party that fought for a worthy cause in front of war.  

Volunteers in question, are the men of Selselj, paramilitary group with the Mission of defending the cause of Serb nationalism in Bosnia and Croatia during the Balkan wars, the greater Serbia dream by Milosevic, with the opening of a route to the sea.  

The persecutions, deportations and killings, were recurring means to achieve the main objective, which was to eradicate the Bosniaks and Croats. Torched entire villages but tortured villagers at random to demoralize the population and encourage the escape and abandonment of goods.

Seselj â€" Are the United Republic of Serbia, a Republic of Montenegro, a republika Srpska and of the Krajiana. We are going to create a greater Serbia â€" said the virulent and manipulative leader.   Seselj is quite known for verbal and physical excesses. Milosevic considered the "favorite opponent" but also "primitive and violent".

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