sábado, 8 de novembro de 2014

New Zealand: Justice withdraws more serious charge against drummer of AC/DC

According to the lawyer of the musician, who is on parole since the beginning of the month and even day 27, the police acknowledged having no evidence against Rudd.

The drummer should, however, respond in court for attempted murder, between 25 and 26 September and possession of narcotic drugs, incurring a penalty of up to seven years in prison.

The contours of the charges are unclear now, but it's not the first time that the problems with justice shakes the musical career of Rudd who withdrew from the Group AC/DC in 1983 before being reinstated in 1994.

The charges against drummer arise at a time when the AC/DC are preparing to release a new album in early December, after six years of silence.

The photo of Rudd would have already been removed from images of the promotion of the new album, when some sources claim that the drummer was also absent from two videos of AC/DC recorded in recent months.

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