sábado, 8 de novembro de 2014

Machinists strike paralyzes Germany

The trains are stopped in Germany.

The drivers of the Deutsche Bahn began, this Thursday, an unprecedented strike, which should last until Monday.

The workers are demanding wage increases and reducing working hours.

The outage comes at the time of the 25 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

"I think it is very bad that the strike will continue until Monday, when the 25 anniversary of the fall of the wall. It's a special day and this is not the time for a workman appears, "says this German.

Passengers were warned of the strike, the longest in two decades, so the majority can come up with an alternative.

The stoppage of trains set off car rental in Germany and neighbouring countries, as a traveler confirms: "even in Switzerland, in the region of Basel in Lörrach I couldn't rent a car, so I have to fly to Frankfurt and from there return to Göttingen, with a rental car. Is everything really unpleasant. "

Deutsche Bahn said it will take legal action against the Union, GDL, which wants to negotiate with the company on behalf of other occupational categories, in addition to the drivers.

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