sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2014

Burkina Faso hopes designation of personality that will lead the country during a year

Attentive to the negotiations, the population departed Blaise Compaoré of power and that challenges the current military Government says its willingness to new demonstrations if their wishes are not respected.

Serge Bayala, a college student from Ouagadougou, States that "If the Transitional Government forget the aspirations of the people and not fulfill [promises], youth will occupy the streets".

Armed forces, political parties and civil and religious society representatives agreed on the formation of a Transitional Executive and presidential and legislative elections in November 2015.

But, as he noted the President of Ghana, which serves as a mediator with the counterparts from Nigeria and Senegal, must "continue to identify the person with the stature, respect, honesty and patriotism to lead Burkina Faso over the next year, in the direction of free, fair and credible elections".

The case of Burkina Faso-where challenges popular forced Compaore to put an end to 27 years of power and flee the country â€" is to inspire the opposition in the Republic of Congo, where the clan of the President attempts to change the Constitution to allow Denis Sassou Nguesso to reapply in 2016.

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