terça-feira, 4 de novembro de 2014

Pakistan reinforces military presence after bombing along the border with India

In the Pakistani city of Lahore, a huge crowd accompanied the funerals of some of the victims.

According to the authorities, a young bomber did blow on the Pakistani side of the border post of Wagah, at the end of a military ceremony regularly attracts daily hundreds, or even thousands, of spectators. The attack was claimed by the Pakistani Taliban, in response to the army offensive in the tribal areas along the border with Afghanistan.

Also in Lahore, Sunni Tehreek party organized a demonstration to protest the bombing.

A member of the formation says "If the Taliban and their allies believe they can weaken the courage of the army, the police and the Pakistani nation, are completely mistaken".

Pakistan has stepped up military presence along the border in the wake of the attack. The Pakistani police claimed to have found another explosives vest and a weapons cache near the site of the bombing.

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