terça-feira, 18 de novembro de 2014

Romania: End acknowledges victory of Iohannis in presidencias but won't resign

The liberal Christian Klaus Iohannis celebrated the surprise victory in the Romanian presidential election with a bath of crowd in one of the main squares of the capital, Bucharest.

Originating in the German minority, the 55-year-old candidate is since 2000 the Mayor of the medieval city of Sibiu, in the Centre of the country. Iohannis promised to defend the independence of Justice, responding to growing fears among the public opinion about the influence exerted by the rival and current Prime Minister, Victor Ponta.

Great election night, defeated the head of social democratic Government excluded, however, resign.

Tip thanked "all Romanians who voted", stressing that "the people is always right". He congratulated Iohannis by "victory", stressing that "while in a public office", will "fulfill the duties to the country".

With Iohannis as President and Chief Executive, tip in the next years of governance is difficult to divine the Romania.

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