sábado, 1 de novembro de 2014

Ukraine: harsh reality in the face of Winter

The inhabitants of the Ukrainian capital face several days nocturnal temperatures below zero degrees centigrade.

A block of flats in Kiev, Sergiy Popov, explains the discomfort you feel in your own home:

"When I come home in the evening and still nobody lit any form of heat, is the electric heater or the kitchen stove, is very hard to be in the apartment. I get afraid to take off the clothes, because we can really feel this cold. "

In Eastern Ukraine, devastated by clashes between the army and separatists pró-russos, the situation is even worse. Destroyed roofs, broken Windows and entire buildings near the ruins do not offer any hope in the face of the arrival of the cold season, how do you explain Anastasia Gushchina, a resident of Donetsk:

"The entire building will succumb to the weight of the snow, if not repaired before winter. Snow and ice will collapse all ".

According to a former head of Government of Donetsk, more than 10 percent of the houses and buildings of the city were damaged or destroyed by artillery bombardment.

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