quinta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2014

USA: Understanding demand among Republicans and President

Almost no one expected victory were so resoundingly, not even within the two party formations. Some personalities of the two camps to avoid political dysfunctions commitments advocate.

"They need to understand and find a way to work with Obama. It will take some time to also cede. I think he was never good at it, especially in the last or the last two years â€" left to communicate, not only to Republicans but also to a certain extent, with the Democrats, "said Trent Lott, the former Republican Senator.

"I think the main message is that Washington is very dysfunctional and must be repaired. We have to find ways to govern better. The American people are frustrated and want to see some results, "says Tom Daschle, the former Democratic Senator.

The Democrats lick their wounds and Republicans gain strength to cook the assault on the Presidency in two years. But until then, the political situation may lead to a paralysis of Government if there are no concessions on both sides.

Stefan Grobe, Euronews correspondent, States that "a day after beating a Republican Democrat, America remains deeply divided and unpopular political class, including Republicans. Grobe points out "that the two parties must find compromises, but the country can stay truly ungovernable".

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